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Reviewer: Destroyerdrt (Signed)
03/23/2006 10:19 am
Thank you for this story and the time and effort that you have put in to it.Please ignore any and all flames.Enjoy your self when you write and have fun in your life when you can.

A Lesson In Human Anatomy
Reviewer: Meg (Signed)
02/24/2006 03:06 pm
I love it. indeed it was long, but wonderful. i give you a 10, cant wait to read the next part, it there is going to be a next part. good job.

A Lesson In Human Anatomy
Reviewer: Billie Bowtrunckle (Signed)
10/13/2005 09:01 pm
Oh Dianne! I'm sorry that it's taken me so long to get back into the fray, but your story definitely was a nice 'welcome back' read. It was all there...the Dianne drama, the angst, the 'oh poor poor Harry' moments, the sharp Weasley tongue (and humor), and those one-liners. I didn't know if I was supposed to be laughing my way through or grabbing for the box of tissues. I thought you did an especially good job on Harry's monologue and I liked the Stasis Portkey (I think you should use it in another story just so because the idea is so fasincating). Well done and thanks for an enjoyable read.

A Lesson In Human Anatomy
Reviewer: Harry4Ever (Signed)
09/22/2005 08:31 pm
AWWWW!!!!!! Angsty and sweet! Speaking of sweet...that bum cake was classic! I really enjoyed reading this fic...I had to take a break to get some "petrol" for my car (can you believe gas prices these days???) but I'm glad I finished it. Everything you write is spectacularly done and flawlessly told. I wish I could write as prolifically as you do! Keep up the awesome writing!

A Lesson In Human Anatomy
Reviewer: emmamoonpotter (Signed)
09/16/2005 03:33 pm
Dianne, love the story. Excellent. Humor and angst. A heady combination. Everything you write is a joy to read. Good luck!

A Lesson In Human Anatomy
Reviewer: ninkenate (Signed)
09/11/2005 11:36 pm
That was a fun read. Good luck with the challenge.

A Lesson In Human Anatomy
Reviewer: Ima Quidditch Fan (Signed)
09/06/2005 12:53 am
Oh, I laughed and cried! Bum cake - Oh, my gosh that was so funny! Enjoyed it very much.

A Lesson In Human Anatomy
Reviewer: YelloWitchGrl (Signed)
09/04/2005 09:52 am
Great jo, Dianne! I'm sorry that it took me so long to get to your story, times been short here, but I am glad I did find the time. :-D

A Lesson In Human Anatomy
Reviewer: Desslok (Signed)
09/01/2005 10:37 am
Well this story is a real roller-coaster ride! It feels like 3 or 4 stories all in one, not that that's a bad thing. I enjoyed it immensely. "Bum cake" indeed! Very nice. Angst, fluff, and humor make a good mix in a story and you've blended them perfectly. Thanks for writing and sharing it!

A Lesson In Human Anatomy
Reviewer: Melindaleo (Signed)
09/01/2005 08:08 am
Woo Hoo! Really cute, Dianne. You're like me, you just can't stay away from the angst, lol. I loved the part about Harry and Ginny switching bodies and having to use the loo. You could write an entire fic on that point alone! I was pleased that HBP confirmed that Vernon has been free with his hands. I've always thought so, but it was nice to see it established, anyway. The bum cake was a hoot - leave it to Fred and George, but my favorite part was Ginny "fixing" the Dursleys garden so the weeds and dandelions could flourish. Ha Ha!

A Lesson In Human Anatomy
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