Reviews For Two Kinds of Light

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Reviewer: Shaggy37 (Signed)
12/21/2006 12:40 am
OUTSTANDING STORY!!!! This series as a whole is awesome and I will definitely reccomend you to anybody and everybody I know to read your amazing stories.

22. The REAL Final Chapter
Reviewer: Shaggy37 (Signed)
12/21/2006 12:23 am
I hope Harry and Ginny have like 30 kids but thats just me.

21. Epilogue
Reviewer: Shaggy37 (Signed)
12/21/2006 12:17 am
Wow Harry has the ghosts of his parents back thats better then a swift kick in the ass really.

20. The Balance Maintained
Reviewer: Shaggy37 (Signed)
12/21/2006 12:10 am
I hope Harry doesn't turn into a ghost that would suck really bad.

19. The Battle
Reviewer: Shaggy37 (Signed)
12/20/2006 11:55 pm
I can sorta answer that one its easy really they do it by not reading what they're signing, they think they're for something completely different IE training exercises so therefore they think they're approving Portkeys for the sole purpose of training Aurors/Unspeakables how to create portkeys and thats probably exactly what Percy thinks he's doing too.

18. Not Your Brother's Keeper
Reviewer: Shaggy37 (Signed)
12/20/2006 11:15 pm
I have a feeling one Percy Weasley is under the Imperius Curse but thats just my feeling.

17. Home Truths and Machinations
Reviewer: Shaggy37 (Signed)
12/20/2006 10:52 pm
Wow simple as that

16. The Plan
Reviewer: Shaggy37 (Signed)
12/20/2006 10:42 pm
Is that like Good Will Hunting?

15. Aurors All
Reviewer: Shaggy37 (Signed)
12/20/2006 10:33 pm
I agree he does need to forget but I think Voldemort has gone to far with his using his parents againist Harry.

14. The Messenger
Reviewer: Shaggy37 (Signed)
12/20/2006 10:17 pm
Is that even freakin possible?

13. Hermione's Secrets
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