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Reviewer: captburke (Signed)
02/19/2009 04:04 am

Be like the other books? Not on your life, er, writing ability. Your tale is astounding, magnificient, wonderousm, etc. I am a reader, and when I enjoy reading something, whether actual book or online, I read until my eyes will no longer stay open. While listening to music of course.

I will be starting your second story later today(it's 4am)since we're having another snow storm and it's my day off and the farthest I have to go is downstairs to do laundry.

Don't know how far you've written on your second story. I'm hoping it's finished alwo or I'll be trying to hex my computer. I just found this site a few weeks ago.

The Green Lord and the White Ram
Reviewer: captburke (Signed)
02/19/2009 03:40 am

Is there anything I could say that justifies what you have written? Nope, you've done it all perfectly.

A teacherís funeral and going home
Reviewer: captburke (Signed)
02/19/2009 03:11 am

Perfect. There's nothing else that could be said.

After the graveyard
Reviewer: captburke (Signed)
02/19/2009 02:56 am

Awe s... Mad Eye bought it, again.  I'm guessing Harry had won the tournament which is how Crouch was able to get him to touch the Trophy. I was correct in guessing Jr was polyjuicing himself to be Dad. I like the way the graveyard scene was written. I can't wait to see what Lily is going to do about this turn of events. And James, Lily, Sirius, Dumbledore and  everyone else will proclaim MadEye a HERO and whatever else they can come up with for jumping in front of the AK spell and saving Harry.

I just noticed the Rating box. Is that for rating the chapter in addition to reviewing? If it is, all my ratings would be 10's

Reviewer: captburke (Signed)
02/19/2009 02:33 am

Right again! I was pretty sure Sirius and Sam would end up married. I'm glad Dobby is going to live with the Blacks.  I'm sure we will find out soon if I was right about Crouch. I know it's him or Jr.

Wonder if Daniel will turn out to be magic?

Siblings' First Birthdays
Reviewer: captburke (Signed)
02/19/2009 02:09 am

Ginny is my HERO! And more examples of your interpretaion of the series. They are fantastic. I so love this story. I have laughed out loud while reading more times than I can remember.

House Elves and Sisters
Reviewer: captburke (Signed)
02/19/2009 01:51 am

Hmmmnnn, Barty Jr is using Polyjuice to be his father? Makes sense. I was sure, at least hoping, Neville would come through with the gillyweed. And I'm betting Dumbledore had a talk with Edgar.

The Second Task
Reviewer: captburke (Signed)
02/19/2009 01:19 am

How come Neville hasn't thought to look in any of his Herbology books for something to help Harry? Hopefully Harry will mention part of Rose's dream and Neville or someone will think of gillyweed. Is Ti good at Herbology?

The Locket's clue
Reviewer: captburke (Signed)
02/19/2009 12:42 am

The Foursome is now established. And Gred and Forge are so dead.

Dates and lockets
Reviewer: captburke (Signed)
02/19/2009 12:21 am

You've outdone yourself again.

Holiday Blues
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