Reviews For Knowing Harry

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Reviewer: butter_beer_drinker (Signed)
04/27/2009 11:00 pm

You have a really good story going here,it would be great to see you finish it.  It was a little slow in the middle though and the section with Harry's birthday didn't really make sense with the rest of it so a little bit of explaining would be nice and helful.


Monday, Monday
Reviewer: Calamur (Signed)
08/12/2006 02:39 pm

An interesting start. Though the only constructive criticism I would give is that it's too long for a prologue adn you left a cliffy at the end.

I love your build of environment and how you have portrayed Ginny and Harry. Great work! 

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Reviewer: maria_taglioni (Signed)
06/15/2006 07:06 pm
Ooo!! One chapter and one of my favorites already! Update! Update! Update!

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Reviewer: ladylarna (Signed)
05/28/2006 06:43 am
Well written, and creepy. Do update soon!

Monday, Monday
Reviewer: destin4fl (Signed)
09/29/2005 11:19 pm
good story you need to update soon!

Monday, Monday
Reviewer: Lourdes, WizardTales staff (Anonymous)
05/15/2005 03:08 pm
Excellent prologue and cliffhanger. Very descriptive plot. Biographical storyline with all the myriad of couloured hues that make up real life. Very interesting character development. Good use of flashback at the very beginning.

Monday, Monday
Reviewer: Anya (Signed)
05/12/2005 11:18 am
I must say I REALLY hate cliffhangers....especially when someone is about to 'die'. So since Harry likes (loves) Ginny he's going to save the day right? Anxiously awaiting the next chapter

Monday, Monday
Reviewer: Muggle Witch (Signed)
05/05/2005 06:47 pm
What a wonderful start. Eagerly awaiting the next chapter!

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