Reviews For Chasing Rainbows

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Reviewer: baloo41 (Signed)
03/02/2009 05:05 am
Good story with some twists...just as I like it. Must be AU, what with Susan Bones parents perishing now. I thought they had been killed quite a while ago, which is the reason that Susan was living with her aunt in the first place?

Chapter 27: Return to Hogwarts Once More
Reviewer: joslinRhae (Anonymous)
03/04/2007 07:59 pm
AAAHHH!!!That was so awesome! I loved it! I especially liked the ending! OMG! You should write another one just like it!

Chapter 35: The End
Reviewer: Shaggy37 (Signed)
12/20/2006 04:59 am
Awesome story! I can't wait to read the third and final Installment in this awesome story!

Chapter 35: The End
Reviewer: Shaggy37 (Signed)
12/20/2006 04:46 am
Wow that killing curse packed a Sirius punch!

Chapter 34: The Final Battle
Reviewer: Shaggy37 (Signed)
12/20/2006 03:12 am
True no matter how much time they would of spent training in the end of never would of felt like enough time sadly.

Chapter 33: The Day
Reviewer: Shaggy37 (Signed)
12/20/2006 03:02 am
Arthur does have a good point a good marriage will turn into a great marriage if its built on a solid foundation of love.

Chapter 32: Other Conversations
Reviewer: Shaggy37 (Signed)
12/20/2006 02:51 am
Wow thats gonna be the hardest thing to tell Petunia is that she was married and now she's a widow, that has to suck big time for Harry.

Chapter 31: A Conversation with James and Lily
Reviewer: Shaggy37 (Signed)
12/20/2006 02:38 am
Awesome she has her wand back YAY!!!!

Chapter 30: Findings
Reviewer: Shaggy37 (Signed)
12/20/2006 02:31 am
Uh Oh Spagetti-O's are the Potters really dead?

Chapter 29: Retribution and Flaming Howlers
Reviewer: Shaggy37 (Signed)
12/20/2006 02:21 am
I agree with Ron, Snape definitely has some big stones to show up looking like a Snape version of Lockhart

Chapter 28: Reliving the Loss
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