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Reviewer: LittleTom45 (Signed)
08/20/2005 12:52 am
With a story like that, I hearby dub you the "Fluff Commando". That story was great.

Author's Response: Woohoo! A new title to add to my siggy in the ULWLHP group! (rubs hands together in anticipation. It fits in very well with my other titles there) Glad you liked it.

Stolen Halo
Reviewer: rdprice29 (Signed)
08/19/2005 10:23 pm
*dies* I loved, loved, llllllllloooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed This! And, truly, I really think this is my new favorite line in fanfiction: He may have been a bit thick when it came to girls, but he wasn't stupid. Not all the time, at any rate. He did notice some things, especially when Hermione pointed them out. Daily. This was beautiful and wonderful and sweet and a whole bunch of flowery adjectives I can't think of at the moment! While I didn't miss the deep angst of Harry brooding over Sirius' death in HBP, I did think that Ginny would be the one who would help him deal with it - I felt a bit gypped by the lack of that intereaction in the book, and this lovely one-shot helps fill that void. So glad you're here on WT, and I look forward to reading more of your work!

Author's Response: Rachel, Thank you so much for all the incredilby kind words you've given me, since I started HP fanfic. I know what you mean about HBP. I thought for sure that her helping him through everything would be the key bonding experience and all that. How mistaken we were. (shakes head) To be honest, this story, and the ones that will follow, wouldn't be here if not for the encouragement (and occasional squeeing) you've given me. Thank you for that/

Stolen Halo
Reviewer: febreze (Signed)
08/19/2005 10:09 pm
That was realy good an I think its realy cool that you used a country song in the story . 10 from me

Author's Response: Thank you for the kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed the story. Country songs are definitely an overlooked source of inspiration. So many of them fit the Potterverse very well.

Stolen Halo
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