Reviews For Ancient Magic

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Reviewer: Aaran St Vines (Signed)
08/22/2005 01:47 pm
Ch. 7 - - Very good teenage dialogue during these circumstances.

Author's Response: Thank you!

Reviewer: Aaran St Vines (Signed)
08/22/2005 01:37 pm
Ch. 6 - - The H/G relationship is developing well - at a slow enough pace - it is unrealistic when they get deep/deep in one afternoon. Now - all we have to decide is whether if Professor Borgin is a good guy or not - you're doing a good job of keeping that a mystery.

Author's Response: Thank you! I just couldn't see Harry diving in too fast - it's not his nature.

Love Spells
Reviewer: Aaran St Vines (Signed)
08/22/2005 01:21 pm
Complexities, intrigues, and fluffiness galore. Everything was good. I'd like Dobby a bit better developed - but it was a small part.

Author's Response: Yeah - Dobby's role was a small one. His role is actually bigger in Blood of the Heart.

Hope, Love and Late Night Misunderstandings
Reviewer: Aaran St Vines (Signed)
08/22/2005 12:51 pm
Well done, finally bring H & G together in a kiss. But the great moment was Dumbledore running interference for them. Nice bit when Ginny tells Hermione. I want Percy to be redeemed, but I want it to be unique - you have all the makings here.

Author's Response: Dumbledore has a bit of Cupid in him, doesn't he? Why else would his eyes twinkle so much?

Reviewer: Aaran St Vines (Signed)
08/22/2005 12:40 pm
Not 'nice and fluffy,' but 'fluffy and nice.' You have the relationship going along at a proper pace. The bit about Firense at the end was a nice touch, and a bit of a cliffie - I like cliffhangers.

Author's Response: Every once in a while, a well place cliffhanger is a nice touch, eh?

Written In the Stars
Reviewer: Aaran St Vines (Signed)
08/22/2005 12:28 pm
This story has a nice even flow, and you use flashback very well. I like the building friendship for Harry and Ginny. Ah, Lucius, how you should be destroyed - slowly.

Author's Response: LOL - yes, Lucius should be destroyed very painfully and very slowly...

Magical Ingredients
Reviewer: Hellfire (Anonymous)
08/21/2005 01:44 am
I have to say that at times my life has sucked beyond the telling of it. My only escapes are reading and writing. this fic is very well written and I wish that some fanfics could be puliblished because there are some out there that is better than the original . Your fic has joined thoes on my list, Thanks for providing am escape. *HellFire*

Author's Response: I am so flattered! Reading has always been one of my great escapes - I'm glad to have been able to provide one for you!

Reviewer: CynthiaPotter (Signed)
06/13/2005 12:07 am
That was one heck of a story!!! I loved it! I can't wait to read the sequel! I loved the whole Borgin and Burkes' thing! Most ppl over look it. :) I loved the whole idea of the blood magic. I think blood magic will play a part in the next two books! I liked the charm on the couch idea. I think I've read something similar... But I don't think it involved the couch. The bathroom maybe... :) lol! Great story!

Author's Response: LOL - the bathroom?! Oy! Glad you enjoyed it! Thank you!

Reviewer: CynthiaPotter (Signed)
06/12/2005 02:36 pm
Hahaha!! Ginny the little trouble maker! I'm glad she gets to be the one to open him up a bit.

Author's Response: Isn't she though?!

Magical Ingredients
Reviewer: CynthiaPotter (Signed)
06/12/2005 02:35 pm
Hey! Great chapter so far! I can't wait to read the rest of it.

Author's Response: Thanks!

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