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Reviewer: Jorgie (Signed)
11/14/2005 01:06 pm
Oh hurry and up date!!! very good story line and easy to follow i can't wait for the next chapters don't keep us too long. ;)

Author's Response: I hope to maintain the ease of reading and at the same time keep people riveted in the chapters to come. I actually have the next few chapters done and back from beta, I just don't want to flood the story so much that I can't keep up a decent update period...

Chapter 04
Reviewer: jedge1 (Signed)
11/12/2005 10:01 pm
I wasn't real sure about this to start with but I think you've laid the groundwork for a great epic story. GOod luck and keep up the good work.

Author's Response: Thank you, I am glad that you are enjoying it.

Chapter 04
Reviewer: BillHagridsson (Signed)
11/12/2005 10:47 am
Good stuff, Bryan. The prophecy is an interesting twist on the story. Just out of curiosity, is Dumbledore really as clueless as he appears about 'two become one'? It seems fairly obvious as to what it means (ie Unity Candles used at a certain sacramental-type ceremony). I look forward to seeing more of this one. Bill

Author's Response: shhh.... *conspiratorial look around the room* don't let out all the secrets....

Seriously though, all I can say is that what you suspect is possibly only part of the answer... there is more involved than even what you would guess...

Chapter 04
Reviewer: Aishwarya (Signed)
10/26/2005 07:08 am
Hey, great job so far. I came across this story before on so forgive me if I repeat reviews. Like I said, the story is very good. I think the next chapter should be dedicated to what happened to Harry and Ginny during the three weeks or so that they've been missing. Hoping to see an update soon

Author's Response: To be honest, most of the story will be dedicated to Harry & Ginny and what happens to them in the past.

I will have excerpts, cutaways, interludes, call them what you will, that will show what is happening in the current time though...

who knows, I may even put out some sidestories that show what is going on currently...

Chapter 03
Reviewer: Jorgie (Signed)
10/25/2005 09:37 pm
Please up date soon I am really getting into this story your writing is very well done. keep up the good work

Chapter 03
Reviewer: Jorgie (Signed)
10/25/2005 07:49 pm
oooh nice start I am intrigued

Reviewer: Cynthia1850 (Anonymous)
09/18/2005 05:46 pm
This is going to be so fun. Harry and Ginny together with Merlin. Can't wait to read more.

Chapter 02
Reviewer: Ham (Anonymous)
09/06/2005 09:35 am
lovely chapter Wulfy. I am eagerly awaiting more.

Author's Response: more is on the way

Chapter 02
Reviewer: Aaran St Vines (Signed)
08/24/2005 01:35 pm
Once again, good execution of a complex series of events to get harry and Ginny where they need to be in your tale. The conversation and necessity to stun Charlie is not that clear, however.

Author's Response: I must admit that I am pleased that you think I am doing so well with this. My thanks. The conversation and stunning of Charlie... I hate to admit it, but that is my one complaint with the chapter too... My beta wasn't to sure about it either, and I spent long hours trying to make it seem more... real? Unfortunately this was how it came out, I may go back and finetune it more at a later time.

Chapter 02
Reviewer: Aaran St Vines (Signed)
08/24/2005 01:21 pm
Very cleverly setup and executed. You nailed the Dursleys in a minimalist way, and got a Harry that wants to get along in accurate perspective.

Chapter 01
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