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Reviewer: CynthiaPotter (Anonymous)
08/03/2005 10:34 pm
Aww! The family's back together! And I see we have a shoe in for the winner of the Weasley baby race! Hm, What did Hermione mean when she said, "How did you know?" I remember overlooking that last time I read this chapter, but now I feel like knowing. It was about that Worlock's Destiny book. Know what? Oh! I loved how you made everything business like at the wizengamot. I've always thought they'd the wizarding community would be all about keeping it formal, but you'd be surprised how many make the wizengamot casual. It was like the will. You know... when I first read this chapter, I thought lil Gin was pregnant. I mean, it was just a suspision when she lost her nerve when they returned to headquarters. I guess now that it was just the nerves from the wizengamot. I'd probably do that too. Joe is so nice. I love him! Hm, I remember saying this before to someone... Lena could have been born on the way to America, like on a ship in the atlantic. The US magical community wouldn't have a record for her if that was the case, would they? That would also be why Lena/Jamie (I'm calling her Lena for the time being so deal with it) ;) wouldn't have been found by the magical communtiy. I can't imagine a magical child being left on their own... but I'm sure it could happen. Lol! Joe made it seem like he thought these "people" were aliens or something. Poor Penny. Those de's are horrible. to do that to a woman who's expecting. Cissy!!! I knew there was a reason Sirius said that if Cissy wanted out of Luscius's clutches, that she had a chance! I loved how Sirius reacted to her voting Aye. Getting all protective. That's a good thing though. :) I'm feeling like I've said all of this before... Anyway. This was a great chapter! I loved it. So refreshing after today's events. Where were the adults? Well, the ones that were unaccounted for? I don't really think that's important though. It just seems funny that they'd all be gone at the same time. Guess it had to happen though. Sooo. Did Lena's magic have anything to do with her being able to run away so much? It is a little uncanny... She must have gotten it from her father! Oh! the scar!!! Lol! I knew that there was something about it! Connection with Voldie? could be... Voldie did kill Lily, Lena could have gotten it from that. Or it could be something else... Oh well, I'm sure I'll find out later. Right now I just feel like sleeping. And I feel like I'm just repeating everything I said in the first review that I gave for this chappie. (if I gave one at all. It might just all be in my head) G'night.

Author's Response: Never count on the front runner this far back. And Ginny is not pregant, she did take a potion a few chapters back. And yes, Lena's magic has gotten her out of a number of situations. Doors seem to unlock, padlocks come updone, etc. Thanks!

Chapter 18: It's Your Turn
Reviewer: MuggleMomma (Signed)
07/27/2005 02:09 pm
I am most intrigued with this phoenix, but I don't think I'm going to say anymore about it until I know more. The scenes with Ron at Hermione's bedside are extremely touching. Ron almost seems a little out of character here - a little more grown-up than I'm used to, but after thinking over the circumstances, I can't say I blame him. They have all certainly had to grow up a lot in a very short amount of time. I like the fact that Harry has already started to see himself in the "protector" role as Jamie's big brother, and I like that she appreciates it. I think the interactions between the two of them are going to be a lot of fun to watch as they develop. Overall, yet another wonderful chapter. Thank you for being such a consistent author!

Chapter 24: Music Must Change
Reviewer: MuggleMomma (Signed)
07/27/2005 12:09 pm
How in the world am I supposed to review you properly when you keep taking my breath away with those battle scenes of yours? Helicopters, indeed. Nice touch. Let’s see…I’m gonna have to try. Hehe…”Uncle Severus”…I love that. I can’t wait to see how this relationship turns out. Jamie seems to be rather accepting of everything they are telling her. I wonder if it’s going to stay that way, if she is just reeling from the shock still? I love where you are going with this. I am very curious about Draco…guess I’ll have to wait and see what’s happening, eh? One more fantastic chapter down…hmmm…lots more to go. So I’m off!

Chapter 23: Don't Look Away
Reviewer: MuggleMomma (Signed)
07/27/2005 11:52 am
That was one awesome battle scene! I know there was a lot more to this chapter than that, but I’m stuck on it. I like the addition of the Muggles and the guns, although who knows if Protego would actually repel bullets? I guess Harry’s would be strong enough. As for Snape’s relationship to Jamie…well, we’re just going to have to see where that’s going. Another great chapter. Congratulations.

Chapter 22: Eminence Front
Reviewer: MuggleMomma (Signed)
07/24/2005 12:22 am
Ahh...another good chapter. Things are really starting to get tight now, and I suppose it is a good thing that Lena ran, seeing as how the Death Eaters managed to be one step ahead of Harry and Company. The bit with Draco and McDonald's was priceless, by the way...and I'm interested to see where you take the Malfoy-murder subplot. You wrote the scene between Hermione and Perenelle with uncanny sensitivity, and I like the thought that it was the injury from Dolohov that was causing some of Hermione's angst, because it is not like her to let herself get so down for so long. Perenelle is the kind of person anyone would like to have for a mother, or a grandmother, or a friend, isn't she? I still want to know who the oldest is... Good battle scene, although I really wish Harry had gotten Bellatrix. I guess the element of surprise was a good thing, though. The battle was very short. I am liking Chris so far! :) Cheers.

Chapter 21: Let's See Action
Reviewer: MuggleMomma (Signed)
07/22/2005 03:25 pm
All the Muggle travel was certainly quite interesting. I especially enjoyed the reactions of Draco...he *would* call the Concorde cramped and uncomfortable, wouldn't he? I am wondering whether or not Lucius and Bellatrix know of what Narcissa has done? On to Cat...or Lena...or Jamie...I'm nervous for her. I am assuming her scar is similar to Harry's? That would be even harder to live with if you didn't know what it was, I suspect. I hope she is found by the right people first! I like Harry's determination when dealing with the American investigators, and I am wondering, if Perenelle is not the oldest person in the world...who is? And Cassandra...I can't believe I never made the connection. Cassandra Trelawney was Dumbledore's love, wasn't she? I might be totally off...poor guy. Another good chapter, Charles. I'll get caught up before too long!

Chapter 20: Goin' Mobile
Reviewer: MuggleMomma (Signed)
07/21/2005 09:53 am
This chapter was extremely dialogue-driven....from Dumbledore's explanation of Percy's continued estrangement, the interaction between Perenelle and Snape, the talks between Harry and Hermione, Hermione and Ginny, and Ron an Harry,,,and if you weren't so good at dialogue, it would never work. You've managed to get the voices of the characters down so well that even though this story is far away from canon, I still feel like I'm reading Rowling herself. I am very, very curious as to exactly what Snape knows about Jamie/Lena, and I'm worried about Lucius and Bellatrix...this is getting scary!

Chapter 19: Sister Disco
Reviewer: MuggleMomma (Signed)
07/21/2005 03:08 am
Wow...where to much information in this one chapter. First and foremost...Go, Ginny! She's a Potter through and through - brave, but reckless. I hope this doesn't come back to bite her. Secondly...I am worried about Narcissa Malfoy. I am looking forward to finding out what the heck's going on there. Sirius' treatment of Dudley is slightly disturbing to me. I feel sorry for him, actually. I liked the interactions with Lena and Joe, and I'm looking forward to the day when she is found. Percy was perfect...also looking forward to seeing what happens with his siblings. Good chapter!

Chapter 18: It's Your Turn
Reviewer: MuggleMomma (Signed)
07/21/2005 02:25 am
And here we are...getting closer and closer to the truth about Harry's sister. Another wonderful chapter. No time for a long review. I'm off for 18. :)

Chapter 17: I Don't Even Know Myself
Reviewer: MuggleMomma (Anonymous)
07/19/2005 03:39 pm
Congratulations, Charles. I have just read what I truly believe to be one of the best chapters of fanfic...ever. I have so many questions that I don't know where to begin. What happened to Remus? Is Snape still making the Wolfsbane for him? What this intentional, or was it a mistake? And even more importantly...what in the world did Wormtail tell Sirius?? I noticed that, after he had finished talking under the Veritaserum, Sirius called him "Peter." That has to mean something. Well, anyway, I was going to go away after this chapter, but it appears I have more reading to do. Cheers.

Chapter 16: Bargain
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