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Reviewer: Dana (Anonymous)
08/15/2005 11:32 am
aha!! I told you I would get around to reading it... so my first comment would be about the letter. I'll admit I found myself laughing during some parts as well as sniffling as Sirius was one of my favourite characters. WIth your list however, and I am only making you aware in case you weren't, it goes 1. all the way down istead of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. ect. I just thought I ought to tell you about that. Um, I found that your characterizations were very very well done. Sometimes I find that when people try to write fics like this, many of their characters are ooc and not very realistic. THe way you depicted emotions was very well done as well. The letters... they were really good and I know this sounds weird, but another thing I find with some authors is that they don't keep letters to the way J.K Rowling has had her characters write them (does this make sense?).. but anyway, your letters sounded very very similar, if not exact, to the way that J.K's characters would write it. ANyways, I think that is it. I am not going to continue readin until later or tomorrow and btw, awesome job Charles. Magnificently done :)

Chapter 01: How Can You Do It Alone?
Reviewer: LunaMoon224 (Anonymous)
08/14/2005 10:50 pm
Oooh! I love this story! I was waiting for a few days for this chapter, and now I can't wait for more!

Chapter 33: I Can See For Miles
Reviewer: CynthiaPotter (Anonymous)
08/14/2005 10:30 pm
*narrows eyes* you like to be vaque don't you? “Redde herre as flaume of fir, sibbe gardein ond proptectour whos espuse of sonderd twines.” *grins* I can't wait to find out what it means... Red hair as flame of fire, sibbling gardian and protector whos... spouse? of something something. that's as far as I can get. *sigh* I think I have it figured to Jamie and then you say Ginny. You're horrible. The chapter's wonderful. You're just horrible. :) I'm glad you gave Ginny and Hermione some girl talk. All girls need it sometime. Hm... you didn't answer anything about Penny. You didn't even tell me if the baby was ok. But I'm sure I'll see P and P soon again. *grin* I can just see Ginny and Harry with biker jackets and on a motorcycle. Molly'll have a fit! lol. I loved Perenelle! If only you'd give us a duel between those two. I wouldn't mind seeing it. Nelle would win of course but I think it would be fun to witness it. oh well. So. Harry's a Gryff and... what line does Ginny come from? Hufflepuff? Ravenclaw? Gryffindor? or another that I have no idea. hm... that means that Jamie is a Gryff too. poor girl, to have to end up famous like her brother. *yawn* ok, that's all for now. night!

Chapter 19: Sister Disco
Reviewer: MuggleMomma (Anonymous)
08/14/2005 10:28 pm
I know I say this every time, but yes, another great chapter! :) I thought the scene with Dumbledore and Cassandra Trelawney's memory was very, very touching, and it showed the humanity of DD as well, which is important. I am very intrigued by the dual wand thing...have some theories, but will keep them to myself. I will look forward to seeing how that all turns out. Let's see...what next...oh! Sirius...hmmm...why did he feel the need to drink that much? What is he looking for? What a change in Dudley! Ron and Hermione, sitting in a tree...I love how you did that. You write love so well! I like that he chose the sapphire. It's one of my favorite stones. OK...I'm sure I'm missing stuff here...but there was just too much for me to review every bit. Wonderful, fantastic chapter. I look forward to reading 27!

Chapter 26: New Song
Reviewer: MuggleMomma (Anonymous)
08/14/2005 01:39 am
Another great chapter, Charles! :) Let's see...I am glad that Ron and Hermione seem to have sorted things out. I loved the bit about the hospital gown. The scene with Harry and Perenelle's lesson was nothing short of cool, and I can't wait to find out more about the phoenixes. Voldemort's bargain...Cassandra Trelawney and DD...what does this mean for Harry and Ginny? I hope he will be better prepared. I am anxious to read more, and this week, I will get caught up. That's a promise. Good job once again!

Chapter 25: Dangerous
Reviewer: Dianne (Signed)
08/10/2005 02:59 am
At first I was thinking Ron would be favourable toward a relationship between Harry and Ginny, but given the events at M O M last year, I could totally see his negative reaction to the news that they'd become not just an item, but a bonded in soul as well. I'm glad that it appears for now that Hermione has it all well in hand. Nice spunk in her character by the way. I like that Harry doesn't harbour a hatred for Dudley so much that he wouldn't do him a favour of fixing the vase. It shows great maturity and class on Harry's part to have him do this for his abusive cousin and I kind of liked the softer side of Dudley as well. I like the romance that you write because it's not trashy and cheap. It is intriguing to read the details that lead up to this strange turn of events that usually only occurs when two people have been intimate for some time and then with a lot of help...the power the Dark Lord not...and how! This story flows nicely is just the right pace and I like the chapter lengths as well. I can't wait to read more!

Chapter 04: Much Too Much
Reviewer: Dianne (Signed)
08/10/2005 02:24 am
This is a concept that is popular between Ginny and Harry but you have added a new fresh take on it with the soul bonding. I really love Mrs Weasley's handling of the whole thing...still worried as she has the right to be but proud and thinking of the future as she is prone to with children and such. It gives such a nice air of hope in such dark times that she approves of the method to keep the soul binding process working and I love that Voldemort suffers while they thrive together. Ginny's cool head in such a hard time was amazing and that's how I like her, but as I said in the previous chapter, you still manage to keep her grounded and human and you don't get carried away with perfection. She's just right and I love the characters emotions in this story. Molly's no nonsense with Vernon at the door was spectacular! Well, off to read one more chapter. It's hideously late here, but I'm hooked!

Chapter 03: The Kids Are Alright
Reviewer: Dianne (Signed)
08/10/2005 01:54 am
You do realize that ending a chapter with a cliffie of that magnitude may make even the most chatty reviewer such as myself want to leave just a chessy... 'awesome chapter dude!' type of review just so I can go find out what happens! But I will try to have patience to give this story the time is so clearly deserves. The letter to Ginny was very clever and I loved that the part for 'Harry's eyes only' was a prank! I am so glad that this story is fast moving and with one letter, Ginny now knows the prophecy. It was so touching when Harry explains how he feels about the Weasleys and their true wealth and how he feels so appreiative of the love that Molly has 'left over for him' as he puts it. This was such a touching moment and you didn't cheapen it by the romance like some people make the mistake of doing. The romance was so perfect...when you wrote that her voice sounded like phoenix song was mixed with it to lift his, you are really great at romance. There isn't a woman who reads that who doesn't think it's one of the most romantic things she's ever read, because it's not just appreciation for her obvious beauty, it's appreciation of her...and most women crave that. As for the men who read it, they should take notes from you! I was glad to see that Ginny hasn't just changed overnight. She has obviously grown but you kept her human and age appropriate...of course she would have her doubts as to whether Harry would want her and about her own body, so that was well done too. I like the way Harry cleared that up too. The cliffhanger came right at the right moment...and now I have to go and find out what happens next! Great chapter dude! hahaha! Seriously, well done. I really enjoyed it!

Chapter 02: Pure and Easy
Reviewer: Ladyswan (Anonymous)
08/08/2005 08:10 pm
I have to say...I love this story. And eagerly await each new installment.

Chapter 32: It's Hard
Reviewer: Dianne (Signed)
08/08/2005 04:45 pm
Just what I'd hoped did keep up the momentum of the story like the first chapter and the first one I read, was before I read HBP, so this is refreshing in that the characters have real emotions, something I desperately missed in HBP. Harry falling asleep with Phoenix song in his head was smart. Did you make up 'Official Pronouncement Quill?' that's brilliant! Your attention to detail astounds me in that you even kept the name Mafalda Hopkirk in the letter of permission to use Underage Magic...most people don't remember stuff like that so they just make up any old name and it interferes with continuity of their story. When you wrote that Harry was glad to have contact with 'his world' it was very indicative that he doesn't consider his summer Muggle life, a part of his world and that he feels alienated in it...well done with just that simple choice of words. Something else most writers forget is the abuse Harry has suffered. I'm so glad you mentioned that for once, Harry wasn't chasitsed for using too much water...this is his first taste of freedom and you conveyed this clearly when you stated that the extra milk drinking was to test his boundries, rather than to satisfy thirst. I'm so glad you didn't just have him used to such luxeries like some people do. Harry would never expect this even with a warning from his friends in place....welll done! Having Harry tidy up after his meal shows his strength of character. Sirius' letter had me sobbing! all the number one's for the 'three' little things he wanted Harry to know. I liked that Sirius described the divide and conquer theory..Harry needs to know this. Remus' description of Sirius was almost a friendly eulogy of his friend and so accurate. When Sirius told Harry to live in a world worth saving, I take that as an indication that he will have something to live Ginny??It was a great tool to get your readers interested by making them wonder along with Harry what Sirius could have missed out on that he advised Harry not to miss. Wanting is better than having...I hope not for Harry! Anyway, this a great story and I will be reading at least a chapter a day from now out. Thanks for the great reading time!

Chapter 01: How Can You Do It Alone?
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