Reviews For Reign O'er Me

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Reviewer: platinumdhooni (Signed)
01/16/2009 03:05 pm

loved lily's talk, she sees too? ...and again peter's given us all a bit more to chew on...cant wait to find out more and make sense of it all...=)

also, thanks for not giving up on the's one of the first fanfictions i've read, and even if i've read a lot since then,  remains one of my favourites...


Chapter 37 - Pictures of Lily
Reviewer: MuggleMomma (Anonymous)
01/14/2009 06:52 pm

This was one of the best chapters yet, in my opinion.  I love the emotional toll Lily's image took on Harry and Jamie - very touchingly written.  I am also very curious about the message left with Lupin.

Chapter 37 - Pictures of Lily
Reviewer: irishdaddy0204 (Signed)
09/24/2008 11:47 pm
You have got to continue and not give up on this story. I can't even listen to The Who without being reminded of your writing. It is powerful and I thank you for what you given so far

Chapter 36 - Acid Queen
Reviewer: talleymanna (Signed)
08/14/2008 11:11 pm
When DH ended, I (& no doubt many others) would speculate, i.e., fantasize, about future events. Now I find myself doing the same thing with your alternate universe. I have been ensnared into your version of J.K. Rowling's world.

Chapter 36 - Acid Queen
Reviewer: harryxginny_rock (Anonymous)
11/14/2007 07:49 pm
It's soooo good!!!!! Can't wait for more!!!!! plz!!!!!

Chapter 36 - Acid Queen
Reviewer: Brian64 (Anonymous)
08/27/2007 08:55 pm
Great story - would you please continue it?

Prologue: Circles
Reviewer: Rachel (Anonymous)
07/26/2007 07:37 pm

I LOVE your story!!! I just got done writting a great review, but it got deleted, so to make a short story shorter... I first read your story like two years ago, and now I reread it whenever I get borded with crappy fnafiction. However, I've been disappointed that it hasn't been updated in ages, and I would really like to see the end, how it all turns out. I'm asking you as a harry potter fan, and a fan to your work, please finish it, in onw form or another! Even if you end everything quickly in one chapter, then at least we'd know what happened. Thank you so much for you great story once again!

Chapter 36 - Acid Queen
Reviewer: docsavidge (Signed)
07/03/2007 12:56 pm
thanks you for this grate wizards tale i am rereading 4 the 2nd time please add more i am waitting 4 the last chapter with more excitment then book 7 yours docsavidge

Chapter 09: Go To The Mirror Boy
Reviewer: Someone who likes your story (Anonymous)
06/30/2007 12:54 pm
Excellent story.  I love the plot line and the characters are believable.  I only have two things I dislike.  First, I don't think Tom Riddle's memory would have been able to do anything to abuse Ginny or even show her anything that would disturb her.  He was trying to gain her trust if you recall.  It seems to me that he would have bragged about it to Harry in the chamber, but he didn't (at least not in the actual book).  The only other thing I dislike is how Harry deals with his sister.  It seems a little OOC, but not much.  Overall it's a great story.  Can't wait for more.

Chapter 36 - Acid Queen
Reviewer: MrPowell (Anonymous)
06/19/2007 01:56 am


Awesome chapter, and better ending.

Chapter 36 - Acid Queen
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