Reviews For Reign O'er Me

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Reviewer: WriterLady (Signed)
03/11/2011 10:27 am

This is by far the most interesting and lore-laden chapter of your fic so far.  Elaine of Avalon!  I'm not even sure where to begin with conjectures and assumptions.  All I know at this point is that I want more...NOW!  :)

Chapter 38: Saturday Night’s Alright (For Fighting)
Reviewer: Aardvark (Signed)
09/15/2009 12:01 am
This is a great story. I've loved it so far. I haven't reviewed all the way through but I I've loved the blending of Muggle & Wizarding Techs & the introduction of huge legendary characters. I hope you can keep the passion for HP FanFic's up enough to finish this wonderful story.

Thanks for a great read.

Chapter 37 - Pictures of Lily
Reviewer: Compulsivereader (Signed)
02/23/2009 02:42 pm

I still love this story =)

I've been re-reading it in my spare time, and I fell in love with it all over again.  Here's hoping it gets continued!!

Chapter 37 - Pictures of Lily
Reviewer: DeborahSu (Signed)
02/09/2009 11:43 pm



Chapter 37 - Pictures of Lily
Reviewer: captburke (Signed)
02/02/2009 11:59 pm

I'm beginning to think I have no clue at all. You are doing a wonderful job with this story. I'm more confused than ever about what's really going on. Obviously there was a lot more to Lily and James than we learned in JKR's series. 'Course we didn't learn much about them at all. I can easily believe they were on to something, and would make sure it wasn't discovered before it should be. Did they know Peter would betray them? Or did they already know he was a DE?  This thing with Ginny and Jamie is driving me crazier than usual. They are definitely connected. Did Lily foresee Ginny and Harry? Circles within circles

Chapter 37 - Pictures of Lily
Reviewer: captburke (Signed)
02/02/2009 10:40 pm

Fantastic!!!!  Voldy said he would start the war and for once kept his pormise. It's going to be a long one, there will be many casualties, and I am very sure Dumbledore will be one of them. Probably Cassandra, Perenelle and Nicholas also. Is Praetor becoming Harry's Phoenix? I think I mentioned in my review that got lost I thought Fawkes, Pymander and Praetor would maybe match up with Harry, Ginny and Jamie. Not knowing enough Phoenix lore, I'm not sure if that would be possible. At last Ron and Draco Black(yes) have come to an understanding. They may never be close friends, but I think things will be much better when Draco and Jamie become a couple(?). Haven't seend Dudley in a while. Will he be able to do magic? Will he want to do magic? Only time will tell.

Chapter 36 - Acid Queen
Reviewer: captburke (Signed)
02/02/2009 09:30 pm

Great party. I can see Harry, Ginny, and Jamie are going to be the trio to beat. I'm glad Sirius is getting what he finally wants, to do things for Harry. We have another new teenager, and I'm betting she'll play a part in what happens. Draco and Dudley are still unknowns. Draco may really be on the up and up and he definitely thinks Jamie's for him. It'll be interesting to see if Dudley really has any magic ability.

Voldy is not a happy camper. He still hasn't figured out he's going to lose.

I wrote a great review on the previous chapter but I don't think it got posted, and now I can't remember what I wrote. Oh well.

Chapter 35 - Eyesight to the Blind
Reviewer: captburke (Signed)
02/02/2009 08:36 pm

I'm thinking this is only the beginning.

Chapter 34: Behind Blue Eyes
Reviewer: Wolfs_Scream (Signed)
01/26/2009 09:23 am
Hmm... curiouser and curiouser.... But well done. :-}

Chapter 37 - Pictures of Lily
Reviewer: cb11 (Signed)
01/23/2009 09:33 pm

Excellent story so far, seems to finally be ramping into the war.  Can't wait to see it continued!

Chapter 37 - Pictures of Lily
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