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Reviewer: XxXCrookshanksXxXP3 (Signed)
05/19/2006 12:25 pm

Wow, Oh my God, this is so sweet, so touching. I love it!!!!!!!!!!! Love how James has written the letter half hoping Harry finds it half hoping he doesn't, love how he knows that he probably won't make it and has left the letter in hopes of guiding his son. It is so sad, so lovely... AMAZING!

Michaela <3

Author's Response:


Yeah, as I said to other reviewers, the idea about him knowing that he won't make it...well, I got the idea partially off of a story I heard about on the news. This woman with cancer (or another fatal illness) recorded all of her wisdom on tape, so that her children could consult them and be comforted even after her death.

The quotes given to me by the challenge seemed conversational, but also too profound for saying on the spot, so I turned the story into a letter. Yet such wisdom and words coming from a father to a son seemed sort of wooden coming on a letter. That's why I added that part, where James wishes that he doesn't have to send it, so that he can give Harry these words in person.


The Old Box in the Chestnut Tree
Reviewer: LunaMoon224 (Signed)
05/18/2006 03:28 pm
This was... hmm... Can't find the right word. Touching? Very true? Something along those lines. But very, very good. I love how you wrote James, it seems a lot like him. The idea of this story was nicely done, and I loved how you described everything in the beginning. A very creative story, hehe. Great job!

Author's Response: I honestly felt really weird just eating and then spitting out the quotes that drabbleocity gave me, so I tried to personalize them a bit, and to add some personal experiences that I could imagine James to have, to give the story more of a personal feeling, not a sermon one. Thanks for the review!

The Old Box in the Chestnut Tree
Reviewer: WiCkEd (Signed)
05/17/2006 06:26 pm
Wow. Just... wow. That was so beautiful and I'm being complete serious when I say that this is one of the best one-shots i've ever read. It was just written to perfection. I really loved that you had James writing a letter to Harry because its thinking somewhat out of the box. The life lessons were perfect and so fitting. I loved it. The detail was great and it was so touching and so sad to know that James' image of Harry finding the box and coming back to him asking about it would never actually happen. Great job. LOVED IT.

Author's Response:

The moment I read this, I imagined Harry's father telling him this. For some reason, I just couldn't imagine it coming out of a person's mouth, right on the spot. It was just too imspirational, too profound for that. It sounded like someone's last words. Then I heard about this sick mom who videotaped all of her wisdom on various subjects so that her daughters could view it after she died. That's what I thought of it as. 

Thanks for the review, it made my day.

The Old Box in the Chestnut Tree
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